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Post by jeremy12 on Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:23 am

my partner has a daughter and her name is joanne she is married to her husband his name is gareth how ever joanne has only visited her mother 4 times in 5 years i asked joanne why she dosent visit her mom that much and joannes husband says that we cant drag 4 kids on the bus because joanne and gareth have 4 kids yet they can drag them on a train to there friends house 100 miles away and there friend is my partners ex boy friend gareth said that its my partners responsibilty to visit since shes the grand mother but shes 56 years old should my partner stop going over if joanne cant be bothered to visit her mother because of what her husband says also gareth wrote on my partners wall on facebook on her birthday you have managed another year well done


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